A.    Product Identification
Synonyms: Coco Shell Activated Carbon
Ingredient Identity: Activated Carbon (Odorless black granules, powder, or dust)
CAS No.: 7440-44-0
Origin: Philippines
Packing Available in: 25 kg/ bag

B.    Composition and Information on Ingredients
Base: Coconut Shell
Shape: Granule
Appearance: Black granules, powder or dust
Odor: Odorless
% Weight: 100
Apparent Density: Ave. 467.43 g/l
Ash Content: Ave. 2.28%
Moisture Content: Ave. 3.48%
Hardness: 98.98%
Iodine Number: Ave. 1179 mg/g

C.    Usages
Water Treatment, Air and Gas Purification, Gold Mining Industry, Waste Disposal, Decolorisation of Food Products, Removal of toxic and corrosive vapour in inorganic compounds

Kegunaan: Water treatment, pemucat pada gula, pemurnian gas dan AC