Product Name: Caustic soda flakes
Grade: Technical
Chemical Formula: NaOH Molecular Weight: 40.01
CAS Number: 1310-73-2 UN No.: 1823
Hazard Classification: 8

Product Description: White Flakes
Items Specifications Test Results Unit
NaOH: 99 Min 99.01 %
Na2CO3: 0.5 Max 0.3 %
Nacl 0.05 Max 0.03 %
Fe2O3 0.005 Max 0.002 Max %
Conclude Pass
Packaging: 25kg pp bag
Safety and Handling: See Material Safety Data Sheet.

basic chemical raw materials, used as high-purity reagents, widely used in
chemical, metallurgy, paper, petroleum, textile and household chemicals and other
sectors. For the manufacture of soap, paper, rayon, cotton fabric finishing, refining