A. Description:

Halobrom is a broad spectrum halogon containing Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) active ingredients which slowly releases bromine, when placed in water, for the control of algae, bacteria, and fungi for swimming pools, spas, and recretional water systems. Halobrom is supplied as free flowing granules and as tablets.
Why Halobrom?

  • Halobrom unlike chlorine, does not require a stabiliser.
  • Halobrom is more effective than chlorine at the higher temperatures associated with spa baths.
  • Halobrom has a slow dissolution rate, allowing broine levels to ne more easily controlled.

B. Benefits.

  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial action
  • Excellent source of bromine
  • Effective at very low cooncentrations
  • More effective than chlorine in the presence of ammonia contamination
  • Safer to handle and store compare to chlorine gas or liquid
  • Easy to use in solid form

C. Usage: will depend upon pool size, number of bathers, frequency of use, sunlight, and halogen demand of the water. For example, dosage recommendations for private swimmingpools is between 1 and 3 tablets for 10 mɜ water/day.

D. Chemical and Physical Properties.

Appearance: Off white tablets 20.5 gm weight
Odour: Faintly halogenous
Active ingredients: 98%
Weight percent active bromine: 30.6
Weight percent active chlorine: 13.6
Molar ratio bromine : chlorine 1.0 to 1.2
Solubility in water Approximately 0.2 gm / 100 gm water at 5C. Dissolution rare depends on water temperature, flow rate and physical state of biocide (tablets or granules).