A. Product Indentification.

Trade name: Dichloromethane
Chemical characterization: Dichloromethane stabilized
CAS No.: 75-09-2
Origin: Germany

B. Physical and Chemical Properties.

Appearance:                      Liquid
Color:                                Colorless, Clear
Odor:                                 Sweetish, Chloroform-like
Melting Temperature:       -94.9 ⁰C
Boiling Temperature:        39-40 ⁰C
Ignition Temperature:        605 ⁰C
Lower Explosion Limit:    13% vol
Upper Explosion Limit:     22% vol
Vapour Pressure:               475 mbar at 20⁰C
Density:                             1.33g/cm3 at 20⁰C
Vapour Density in relation to air: 2.9
Solubility in water:            13.7 g/l at 20⁰C
Octanol/ water partition coefficient: 1.25 (log POW)
Viscosity:                          0.42 mPa*s at 20⁰C

C. Usages: Paint Remover, Plastic process, Extraction solution, Foam/ Bubble Removal. Kegunaan: Penghilang Cat, Proses Plastik, Larutan untuk mengekstraksi, Penghilang busa.