A. Product Identification.

Product Name: Nitric Acid 68%
Synonyms: Nitirc Acid, Aqua Fortis, Hydrogen Nitrate
Chemical Formula: HN03
Chemical Family: Inorganic Acid
Origin: Korea

B. Product Use: Techical use for only.

-Gun Powder, Pigment & Dye, Metal Plating, Artificial Silk, Nitrate Chloride, Metal Treatment, Pharmacy, Reagents, Fertilizers, TDI/ MDI, Cellulose Nitrate, Line Cleaning Latex Industry, Leather Tanning, etc.

C. Physical Data.

Physical State:Liquid
Appearance: Clear, colorless to slightly yellow liquid
Odor: Characteristic No2 Odor (suffocating odor)-Darkens to brownish color on aging and exposure to light
Boiling Point: 251 F (121.6 C) – (68%)
Melting Point: -43F (-42C) – (68%) AT 760 MM HG @ 20C
Vapor Pressure/; 9MM HG at 20C (68%)
Vapor Density (Air=1): 2,3 (at boiling)
Specific Gravity (H2O=1) : 1,500 (100%)@ (20C)
% Volatiles by Volume : 100 @ (21C)
Solubility (H20): Complete (100%)