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Activated Carbon

A.    Product IdentificationSynonyms: Coco Shell Activated CarbonIngredient Identity: Activated Carbon (Odorless black granules, powder, or dust)CAS No.: 7440-44-0Origin: PhilippinesPacking Available in: 25 kg/ bag B.    Composition and Information on IngredientsBase: Coconut ShellShape: GranuleAppearance: Black granules, powder or dustOdor: Odorless% Weight: 100Apparent Density: Ave. 467.43 g/lAsh Content:…

Aluminium Chloro Hydrate (ACH)

A.    Product IdentificationProduct Name: ACH CK-1000 (22%) & ACH 442-B (17%)Chemical Formula: Al2(OH)5ClHigh Basicity Coagulant, (>83%)In Malaysia known as PAC Type IIIOur Trade Name for ACH àChemchlor™  CK-1000. B.    Application•    Active ingredient for De-odorant•    Coagulant for Potable Water Treatment•    Pulp and Paper Industry•    Oil and…

Biflouride (ABF)

A. Product Identification Synonyms: Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride, Ammonium Difluoride, Acid Ammonium FluorideCAS No.: 1341-49-7Molecular Weight: 57.04Chemical Formula: NH4HF2 / NH4F HFPacking: Plastic woven bag lined with high-pressure polythene plastic bag. 25kg/ bag.Net weight: 25 kgOrigin: China B. Composition and Information on Ingredients Appearance: Powder, CrystalOdor:…

Caustic Soda Micropearl Thailand

A. Product Identification Synonyms: Sodium Hydroxide (Chemical Family: Alkali Hydroxide)CAS No.: 1310-73-2Chemical Formula: NaOHPurity: 99% Min.Packing: Two layers of woven bag with waterproof lining bag inside.25kg/bag.Pallets are optional.Net weight: 25 kgOrigin: Thailand B. Physical and Chemical Properties Appearance:                        White MicropearlsOdor:                                   OdorlessSolubility:                           111g/10 ml at 20…

Corn Starch

A. Product Identification. Origin: ChinaUsages: Industrial Application such as food and bottle.Kegunaan: Industri makanan sebagai Filler, Bahan Baku Lem dan Pelapisan.Industri botol. B. Physical and Chemical Properties. Appearance: PowderColor: WhiteOdor: None or faint cereal-likePacking Density: 0.64g/ccWater Solubility: Not solublePH value: 6.5- 9Mositure % : 6-13Dust…

Calcium Chloride

A. Product Identification. CAS No.: 10035-04-8Apperance: Flake / PowderChemical Formula: CaCl2Packing: Plastic woven bag lined with high-pressure polythene plastic bag. 25kg/ bag.Net weight: 25 kgOrigin: China B. Physical and Chemical Properties. Solubility: 745g/l water at 20 CMelting Point: 176 CDensity: 0.835 g/cm₃ at 20 C…

Caustic Soda Flakes 99% min

Product Name: Caustic soda flakesGrade: TechnicalChemical Formula: NaOH Molecular Weight: 40.01CAS Number: 1310-73-2 UN No.: 1823Hazard Classification: 8 Product Description: White FlakesItems Specifications Test Results UnitNaOH: 99 Min 99.01 %Na2CO3: 0.5 Max 0.3 %Nacl 0.05 Max 0.03 %Fe2O3 0.005 Max 0.002 Max %Conclude PassPackaging: 25kg…

Disodium Phosphate (DSP) Food

A. Product Identification. Product Name: Disodium Phosphate (DSP) FoodOrigin: Thailand B. Usages/ Kegunaan: Pupuk, Farmasi, Textile, Keramik, Kertas, Detergent,Water treatment, Boiler, Kayu

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) 55%

A. Product Indentification. CAS No.: 7664-39-3Chemical Formula: HFOrigin: ChinaPurity: 55 %Packing: In 25 kg plastic drum with seals/ 25 kg gray can B. Composition/ Information on Ingredients. Appearance:                      Colorless, fuming liquidOdor:                                 Acrid OdorHydrofluoric Acid:            Min. 55%Fluorosilic Acid (H₂SiF₆): Max. 0.08%Sulphuric Acid (H₂SO₄):   Max. 0.005% C….


A. Description: Halobrom is a broad spectrum halogon containing Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) active ingredients which slowly releases bromine, when placed in water, for the control of algae, bacteria, and fungi for swimming pools, spas, and recretional water systems. Halobrom is supplied as free flowing granules and as…

Mono Sodium Phospate (MSP) Food (Poryrin)

A. Product Identification. Origin: Thailand B. Chemical Properties. PH: 4.4 – 5.0B.D.(Pouring): min. 0.60 gm/ccMoisture (at 110⁰C): max. 1.5 %Water Insolubles: max. 0.10 %P₂Oƽ (on dry basis): min. 58.5%Arsenic as As: max. 3.0 ppmFlouride as F: max. 10.0 ppmLead as Pb: max. 3.0 ppmHeavy Metal…

Magnesium Chloride

A. Product Identification.

Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate


Potassium Hydroxide Flakes

Potassium Formate

Potassium Chloride (Kcl)

Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3)

Nitric Acid (HNO₃)

Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (MgSO4)

A. Product Identification. Properties: Colorless crystals, clarity of aqueous solution almost clearPurity: 99%Chemical name: MgSO4Origin: China B. Composition/ Information on Ingredients. PH:  5.0- 9.2Chloride: Max. 0.15%Iron: 0.001%Ignitions loss: Max. 51.9%Calcium: Max. 0.05%Selenium: Max. 0.0001%Water Insoluble Residue: Max. 0.01%Zinc: Max: 0.001%Free Acid as H2SO4: Max.0.01%Heavy Metal…


Caustic Soda Micropearls (NaOH) front

Caustic Soda Micropearls (NaOH) back

Caustic Soda Flakes (NaOH)

methylene chloride (MC)

Trichloroethylene (AL)

Soda ash light

Hydrobromic acid

A. Product Indentification. CAS No.: 10035106Purity: 52%Synonyms: Hydrogen BromineChemical Formula: HBr B. Physical and Chemical Properties. Form: LiquidAppearance: Clear colorless to light yellow, mobile liquidOdor: Acid acrid odorSolubility in water: MiscibleBioling Point: 259FVapor Pressure: 8mm Hg at 77FMolecular Weight: 80.9Formula:HBr, H₂OReactivity in water: not water…

Hydrochloric acid (Hcl)

Asam klorida adalah larutan akuatik dari gas hidrogen klorida. Ia adalah asam kuat, dan merupakan komponen utama dalam asam lambung. Senyawa ini juga dapat digunakan secara luas dalam industri. Asam klorida harus ditangani dengan mewanti keselamatan yang tepat karena merupakan cairan yang sangat korosif.


Sofia Body Shampoo


A. Product Identification. Synonyms: Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium, Sodium Carboxy Methyl CelluloseAppearance: White powder or white crystalline powder, White to yellowish white powderParticle Size: Min. 95% sifted through an 80 mesh screenOdor: OdorlessOrigin: Taiwan or Japan B. Uses: making of the bihon mix. Kegunaan: Dalam pembuatan…

Sodium silicoflouride


Product nameEMAL 270N Chemical NameSodium polyoxyethylene alkylether sulfates INCI NameSODIUM LAURETH SULFATE AppearancePaste Actual Matter (%)70 pH7.0-8.5(1%aq.) ApplicationsCommon shampoo base ,Foaming agent for body / facial wash, floor cleaner, dishwashing, bath foam etc. PropertiesGood foaming ability, strong cleansing power. The viscosity can be enhanced by…

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), also known as dibutylhydroxytoluene, is a lipophilic organic compound, chemically a derivative of phenol, that is useful for its antioxidant properties. BHT is widely used to prevent free radical-mediated oxidation in fluids (e.g. fuels, oils) and other materials, and the regulations overseen by the U.S. F.D.A.—which considers BHT to be “generally recognized as…

Monosodium phosphate

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