Potassium Chloride (KCL) Germany

Potassium Chloride (KCL) Germany

A. Product Identification.

Purity: approx. 99%
Appearance: White crystals, occasionally slightly reddish
Packaging: Paperbags of 25 or 50 Kg big bags, in bulk
Additive: Upon request with an anti-caking agent (the pure product is prone to caking)
Origin: Germany

B. Composition/ Information on Ingredients.

Potassium Chloride (KCl): ± 99.2%
Loss on Ignition: ± 0.2%
Loss on Drying (2h, 105⁰C): ±0.1 %
Na: ±0.3%
Br: ±0.2%
Mg: ±60 mg/kg
Ca: ±60 mg/kg
SO₄: ±300mg/kg
H₂O- Insolubles: ±100 mg/kg
Heavy Metals as Pb: <5mg/kg
Granulometry: < 0.8mm = 99%

C. Application.

In chlor-alkali electrolysis, for the production of chlorine and potassium hydroxide as well as their subsequent products; it can be converted into other potassium containing salts; as an electrolyte in electroplating and in fusion electrolysis of other metals; for salting out dyestuffs; as an auxiliary in the production of carrageenan; as regeneration agent for ion exchangers; in the production of zeolites; in drilling muds.