Polybutene (PB) 2400

Polybutene (PB) 2400

A. Product Identification.

Product Name: PB2400
Synonyms: Butene, Homopolymer; Butene, Polymers
Appearance: Clear and Free of Foreign Matter
Origin: Korea
CAS No.: 9008-29-6

B. Physical and Chemical Properties.

Description: Liquid
Specific Gravity: 0.85 – 0.91 (at 25C)
Molecular Weight: 350 – 2450(VPO)
Molecular Formula: [C(CH3)2CH2]n

C. Product Specification.

Color (Apha): Max. 50 Pt/Co
Viscosity: Min. 4500 and Max. 4900 cSt
Flash Point: Min. 250⁰C
Acid Value: 0.01 mg KOH/g
Water: Max. 40 Wt-ppm

D. Applications. They are mainly used as lubricant oil additives, adhesives; caulking and sealing; Hot Melt Adhesives; Film stretch; etc.