Silica Gel Blue 2-5mm

Silica Gel Blue 2-5mm

A. Product Identification.

Function: as a moisture absorbent (diameter 2-5mm)
Color: Blue
Packing: 25kg/ bag

B. Specification.

Qualified ration of size: 90% Min.
Bulk Density: 760 g/Lmin
Adsorption Capacity RH=20% : 9-11%
Adsorption capacity RH=50%  : 23%- 26%
Adsorption capacity RH=90%  : 32%-36%
Loss on Heating 120⁰ C: 5% Max.
Qualified Ratio of Spherical granules: 85% Min.
PH value: 6-10
Specific Resistance: 2000Ω.cm

C. Usage: Moisture Absorbent. Kegunaan: Penyerap kelembapan