Sodium Metasillicate Anhydrous

Sodium Metasillicate Anhydrous

A. Product Identification

Synonyms: Anhydrous Metasilicate, Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous, S- 25
Appearance: Solid, Granular
Molecular Formula: Na2Si03
Color: White
Odor: Odorless
Origin: United States (USA)

B. Physical and Chemical Properties.

Melting Point: 1088⁰C
Bulk Density: 54-62 lbs/ ft3 (loose)
Water Solubility: 16%
PH: 12.7 (1% Aquaeous solution)
Flash Point: Not flammable

C. Product Specification.

Na2O: Min. 49.10 Wt. % and High 51.7 Wt. %
SiO2: Min. 44.7 Wt. % and High 47.3 Wt. %
Mole Ration (Na2O/ Si02): Min. 1.020 Wt. % and Max. 1.100 Wt. %
Bulk Density: Min. 54 LB/FT3 and Max. 62 LB/FT3

D. Composition/ Information on Ingredients.

Sodium Metasilicate : 95 – 99.5%
Water: 1%

E. Usage: Laundry, Floor Cleaner, Cleaner, Detergent, Soap.

Kegunaan: Laundry, Pembersih Lantai, Deterjen, Sabun